Saturday, September 12, 2009


I'm sitting legs crossed at a peruvian style desk drinking seattles Best coffee. Work wont be calling me for another hour or so which gives me time to indulge in small bites of chocolate and style.Recently I came across The basics. Often I shun people who continuously go back to the basics because it is unoriginal, safe, and often a lack of creativity but Olivier Borde has surprised me with his fresh out of water basics.

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Number 9 immediately caught my attention and although I noticed how uncomfotable he looked first, my eyes could not depart from the polka dot pockets and the neon pink shirt. Plain but captivating and casual but almost clown-like.

The half overalls in number 13 couldnt have been more brilliant and although the hat looks like it was knitted by a mans grandmother it couldnt have been more perfect for this look

But of all the pictures, Number 18 was the one that made me smile effotlessly. Simple and beautiful, a man stands with confidence in a navy blue casual suit and a pink dress shirt. The sandals were what caught me off guard becuase they really bring this look to a more street/casual/independent look.


The Body Electric said...

I LOVE 3 and 18, they are my absolute favorites!!!!!!!!

Thanks for sharing!


vitaMinn style said...

I love 15, 11, 2. Any guy who can rock a pink shirt is one cool guy in my book.

Welcome to the world of blogging! =)

Valencia Lia said...

My faves are no. 2,3,7 and 17 !!! Stunning :) Loved all the colors of those shoess !

And congrats on your start to blogging . Enjoy~

E said...

6 is so French. I love it :-)

Dylana said...

More men should dress like this! Your blog looks like its going to be awesome. I will be back!

wrinkledrose said...

Will love to get my boy to dress in 5, 10 and 15 if we could get those over here!


Smelly Cat said...

these are great!

MJ said...

Great blog - the world needs more male fashion bloggers! Thanks for stopping by mine and good luck.

Susu Paris Chic said...

Hi Adaam!

Thanks for popping in on my blog and leaving a comment! I really appreciate it:)

Style and chocolate... mmm! Basics are good. I enjoy alternating between days when I keep it sober and simple, and others when I go more accessories and detailing - things that are a bit demanding to carry.

Susu Paris Chic

macky said...

i covet look 13!!! like insanely covet!

macky said...

ps: added you to my blog roll and links. hope to read more from yah!! take care


Lori said...

i love all of these looks, i wish men around here would dress this way!

Etrapar said...

I like at everyone something, but the look is awsome ^.^

Gi said...

Cool post ^^
I like number 12, just a relaxed but cool outfit!
Cool blog do you have, you got a new follower ;)